The prompt for Annotations #2 is the following excerpt from Will Alexander's Across the Vapour Gulf:

"Having reached this plane of the susurrant, does the body, seismic beyond its perceptual immobility, take on the totality of higher light or does it opt for mental thanatopsis, sulking, algebraic, depressed? As for intervallic transition, does the body continue to flow as Grosseteste suggests, naturally, geometrically, with rays of the Sun darting through one's blood?

Given the fact of creation as it continues to flow through us, the latter condition would seem to be the prevalent one in spite of visible evidence of seemingly invincible entropy; there exists a level of unbridled astral plasticity, alive at the core of the body and the heavens."

Have you written a poem that uses one or more of these words?

If you have, we would love to read it. The deadline to send work is January 31, 2022.